Zion Storage

Safe secure container self storage
Zion storage Kaitaia


safe secure container self storage
safe secure container self storage
safe secure container self storage
safe secure container self storage
safe secure container self storage


Easy Access

ZION storage provides easy access to your container storage 24 hours every day.

Enter the storage facility through the easy sliding combination lock gate, drive a few meters straight to your personal container, and then drive straight out when you are finished. Therefore, you don't need to turn or reverse.

Zion storage is located in the heart of Kaitaia, just behind Commerce Street which is the main road through the shopping precinct.

Padlock safe from bolt cutters


Your personal container is $60 per week. 


Easy sliding gate drive through no turning

Safe and secure

A 2.4 m high-tensile steel mesh fence topped with barbed wire surrounds the yard, with security cameras linked directly to Kaitaia police station just a few hundred meters away. Floodlights illuminate the premises at night.

Access is strictly lmited to those persons with a valid current contract and their authorised agents and your container is secured with your own personal padlock that only you can unlock.

The containers themselves are high quality steel and are vermin and water proof as well as ventilated.

Fllodlights and barbed wire fence
Cameras and lights
Storage containers safe and secure high tensile fence